What is an Air Compressor and How Does it Work?

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An air conditioner has various components that help it operate, such as Freon. Freon is a chemical based refrigerant. It converts gas to liquid and transfers heat from the home. A basic air conditioning unit cycles Freon through several parts of the system, and heat is extracted during each cycle. This continues to happen until the home reaches the temperature on the thermostat.

An air conditioner has a compressor, and it squeezes the refrigerant. The refrigerant travels to the compressor as a low-pressure gas that is very cool. The compressor is an important air conditioner component because it packs molecules, so that they are closer together. This function improves the unit’s overall energy and temperature. When the fluid leaves the compressor, it is a high-pressured gas that is very hot.

The hot, compressed gas then travels to the condenser. The condenser is used during the next step of the cooling process. An air conditioner has metal fins; this is where the condenser is located. The fins have an important function. They help the heat dissipate faster, so they function like a car radiator. When the gas travel out of the condenser, it will have a much cooler temperature. Also, it will not longer be a gas. The high pressure changes the gas to a liquid. Once the gas is a liquid, it travels to the evaporator coil to finish the cooling process.

Air conditioners are used often during hot days, so proper maintenance is important. The compressor must be inspected often. It is located outside the home in a box. When an air conditioner runs, but it does not efficiently cool the home, there is a problem will the compressor. To avoid this problem, the compressor will require cleaning. Any grass clippings, leaves, and debris should be removed. Generally cleaning can be done with a hose. To cleaning the aluminum fins, simply use a paint brush.

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